A message from Jens Goennemann

We have just returned from our Australian Manufacturing Matters roadshow, touring four cities, bending the ears of manufacturers and having our own ears bent in return.

There is obviously plenty to talk and listen about: All our sessions were oversubscribed, moved to bigger rooms, and still packed.

As promised, some of our rockstar manufacturers shared what’s working for them and what opportunities are out there for you. We’ll name our panellists at the bottom – each an example of what great looks like on the broad spectrum of what manufacturing stands for.

Oversubscription shows that AMGC is filling a need of a voice for manufacturers, especially the vast number of SMEs and micro-businesses.

We look forward to connecting with more of you as well as connecting you with each other, through more roadshow events in 2024. If you read this and are not a member of this community, then you might want to change that.

A sentiment we picked up on through our conversations this time around was more could be done through federal and state-based initiatives. We didn’t pick up a sentiment for handouts but for a coordinated effort between government, industry bodies and industry itself to create opportunities for Australia.

Government isn’t the answer to every challenge manufacturers face, but there’s certainly a value in setting strategy and in initiatives to boost promising companies at the smaller end to seize opportunities and to scale.

If we lack impactful boosters, then it only serves the countries we compete against – and which possess them.

AMGC’s team of experienced industry practitioners has demonstrated what modest amounts of co-funding, coupled with collaboration and an intense focus on commercially useful outcomes, can accomplish. Our project report stands for evidenced outcomes, not just talk.

We see great potential in the Industry Growth Program which promises to offer $50,000 to $5 million in matched funding especially for the smaller end of town, and is soon to be launched. AMGC together with its incredible network of most competent yet small companies stand ready to give the Industry Growth Program an immediate boost for impact.

Before I sign off, here is a list of the incredible panellists who appeared during our roadshow. A huge thanks to them.

Angie Keeler, Co-Founder & CEO, Zella DC
Chris Braine, Founder, Cellr
Faz Pollard, Director, Adarsh

Cameron van den Dungen, CEO, Sleeptite
Bernard Quinn, Engineering Director, Premcar
Dr Martin Ripple, Group Chief Executive Officer, ANCA

Phil Scardingo, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Hygiene Co
Anthony Kittel, CEO, REDARC Electronics
Anthony Skeats, COO, Micro-X

Dr Kymberley Talbot, Executive Director, Feline
Nusqe Spanton, Founder and CEO, Provectus Algae
Gavin Dunwoodie, Managing Director and Group CEO, Products For Industry (PFi)