A message from Jens Goennemann

I come to you, via this newsletter, bringing news from our country’s west.

When AMGC was established in 2015, we were a solely federal initiative. For nearly a decade we have answered to different ministers and dealt amiably with all sides of politics. Our attitude is and remains that if anyone wants to have a serious conversation about manufacturing, then our doors are open.

We have also liaised with state and territory governments and advocated for the value of local manufacturing capability, and there is, of course, our work with the Northern Territory Government, helping them deliver their Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund (AMEF). You will have seen regular updates on AMEF projects and the $7.5 million in co-funding projected to generate more than $84 million and 160 new jobs in the first five years.

Today, we can announce AMGC’s continued evolution and more importantly our continued work to help grow Australian manufacturing capability with the signing of a collaborative agreement with the Western Australian Government.

In its May Budget, the Western Australian Government announced $8 million for the Wind Turbine Manufacturing Initiative recognising the enormous potential for WA manufacturers to participate in the state’s energy transition. We will be helping them tap into some of that potential and supporting capable WA manufacturing companies find a place within the wind energy manufacturing and servicing supply chain.

Importantly, our collaboration partners in the Western Australian Government have tasked us with co-designing as well as delivering this important initiative. We value their trust and salute them for not just writing plans for the drawer but to transform such plans into tangible outcomes for their manufacturers.

We are enthusiastic about continuing to create measurable impact based on a delivery model that has worked over and over again – in Australia and abroad.

In our Commonwealth-level capacity, our approach has helped turn project co-investments of $137.2 million from government and industry into a projected $1.62 billion in revenues.

Through these projects, we have demonstrated how manufacturing can strive and be more globally competitive.

Australian manufacturing needs to scale – and initiatives that work.