A message from Jens Goennemann

I invite you to join AMGC in celebrating World Space Week.

It runs from 4 to 10 October to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.

To mark this occasion, AMGC is hosting a virtual space event on 8 October. We have invited the Deputy Head at Australian Space Agency along with key figures in the manufacturing industry. This is a front row opportunity for any manufacturer who has ambition to be part of this inspiring industry.

Realising the Potential of a Rapidly Growing Industry

Space represents a huge opportunity for Australian manufacturers. The global space industry is worth an estimated US$350 billion today and is forecast to grow to over $US1.1 trillion by 2040.[1]

To take advantage of this enormous potential, Australian manufacturers have a chance to realign some if not all their operations, much as they have done during the COVID-19 pandemic. With manufacturers demonstrating their innate ability to work, innovate and at an incredible pace during a crisis, there is no reason why this approach cannot be applied to the space race.

Many of AMGC’s members are leveraging the myriad opportunities presented by the space industry. Black Sky Aerospace is working on a commercialisation project that will see it become the only Australian manufacturer of solid rocket propellant and motors. Gilmour Space Technologies is developing a hybrid propulsion launch vehicle that will deliver payloads of up to 250 kg into low earth orbits.

There are many more manufacturers, who are equipped with the skills, capability and technology required to beat gravity, who have not yet tapped into the commercial benefits.

Inspiring Manufacturers to new horizons

Manufacturing is a capability that cuts across so many sectors—including space.

Nicholas Hacko Watchmakers is a perfect example of this. The Hacko’s are the only wristwatch manufacturer in Australia. Making a watch is one of the most difficult mechanical engineering tasks imaginable, requiring techniques, knowledge and machining equipment that are incredible. The parts they make are exceptionally lightweight, durable and extremely precise. All these factors are essential ingredients in space industry componentry, which is why Nicholas Hacko is currently exploring how to enter the space industry. (You can learn more about Nicholas Hacko’s journey at our upcoming webinar, as featured in this month’s AMGC News.)

With the rapid growth and transformation of the space sector, now is the time for Australian manufacturers to leverage their competitive advantages and take their place in the global space industry. Not only has manufacturing proved to be an essential capability during a crisis, it has the potential to help in rebuilding our economy, all the while expanding our horizons.

Australian manufacturers are encouraged to aspire to work among the stars.

[1] https://publications.industry.gov.au/publications/advancing-space-australian-civil-space-strategy-2019-2028.pdf