Omni Tanker’s carbon tanks mobilise in North America with MAC LTT

Australian advanced composite manufacturer Omni Tanker and its US partner MAC Liquid Tank Trailer (MAC LTT) have launched their innovative carbon composite tank trailer (also known as a CTMV or road tanker) to the North American transport equipment sector with the announcement of its first operators,  All Chemical Transport and Brenntag North America.

Specifically designed for use in the transport of highly corrosive liquids, such as acids and bleach, Omni Tanker’s innovative carbon composite tanks are underpinned by high-quality trailers, designed and engineered in the USA by highly respected, Ohio-based, MAC LTT – which will also act as the sales agent via their North American dealer network.

The collaboration underscores 10 years of research and development by Omni Tanker into dangerous goods transport. The novel, patented, composite technology addresses many of the limitations of traditional rubber-lined steel and fibreglass tanker solutions which suffer from strength limitations. It does so by combining a completely seamless thermoplastic interior with a high-strength carbon fibre exterior, to deliver a product which has a higher resistance to chemical attack and is stronger, lighter and easier to clean than traditional road tankers.

The Hon. Arthur Sinodinos AO, Australian Ambassador to the United States said: “Omni Tanker is another Australian success story in the land of opportunity, our most trusted ally the United States of America, by making a long-term commitment, partnering locally and being persistent. These are the characteristics that we see the United States value time and time again. Australia is world-class in advanced materials, especially carbon fibre, and Omni Tanker is a shining example of our ability to innovate locally and launch globally.”

Steve Quadrel, President of All Chemical Transport and Leasing said: “As a company owner I am always open to staying ahead of the times.  We were excited by the potential of the Omni Tanker trailer and can’t wait to get these into service and on the roadway.”

Daniel Rodgers, CEO of Omni Tanker said: “Our team is focussed on the development and manufacture of cargo tank equipment to optimise the safety and productivity of chemical transport. With our revolutionary composite solution, we have seen significant gains in the efficiency of chemical haulage in Australia and internationally, particularly for the challenging Chlor-alkali liquids.”

“A major goal has been to take the technology to the North American chemical haulage market and, with assistance from the Australian Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) and North American Transport Consultants (NATC), we have been able to develop and certify the Omni cargo tank, and forge a collaborative partnership with MAC LTT to launch the Omni Tanker by MAC LTT.”

JP Gibbons, President of North American Transportation Consultants, Inc. (NATC) said: “After working closely with Omni Tanker and understanding their technology I became convinced that this advancement needed to be moved from UN Portable Tanks into CTMV use throughout North America. It is now a reality and I strongly support its use for the approved aggressive corrosives. The future for an alternative to metal CTMVs is firmly here and worth serious consideration by all major carriers and shippers of hazardous materials and dangerous goods.”

Matt Niemeier, Vice President of MAC LTT said: “When we were first approached with Omni Tanker’s solution we were thoroughly impressed and immediately interested in the prospect of partnering with them. It was immediately evident that their innovative design is a technological leap forward in the transport of aggressive chemicals. Combined with the MAC LTT manufacturing processes, Omni Tanker will improve the safety, efficiency and versatility of North American freight operators.”

Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) said: “To watch Omni Tanker take Australian innovation to the world is a testament to their commitment, the value of their product and it reinforces AMGC’s goal of helping Australian manufacturers compete on a global scale.”

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