Adaptive Pty Ltd trading as Dezign and Southland

Dezign/Southland is a 3rd generation business with manufacturing and distribution businesses;
1. We have capacity with our manufacturing plant to produce
a. protection panels and
b. hand sanitiser dispensing stations and possibly
c. face shields
2. In house textile manufacturing capacity for production of
a. gowns and possibly
b. masks
3. We also have factory for producing joinery, cabinetry, furniture and specialised items such as;
a. beds
b. overbed tables
c. bedside cabinets
d. custom metalwork and components

Our factory operations are located in Wetherill Park, Lawson and Albury NSW.

the website for Southland is

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Adaptive Pty Ltd trading as Dezign and Southland

ABN: 30841898791

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Primary Location: NSW