Anatomics Pty Ltd

Anatomics has manufactured medical devices continuously for 25 years primarily in the extremely difficult and demanding sector of patient-specific implants for craniofacial reconstruction and have become world renowned in the field, having pioneered the technology in 1995. These devices are fabricated on demand to match an individual patient’s defect as defined by a surgeon supplied CT scan and present numerous manufacturing challenges to ensure consistently high-quality products produced in short lead times. The “custom quality surgical” systems and processes Anatomics developed have been adapted and applied in
more recent years to the development of high-volume “off the shelf” products for neurosurgery and other reconstructive specialties. This experience allows Anatomics to nimbly pivot from low volume, bespoke production to high volume production as required.

Member Profile

Anatomics Pty Ltd

ABN: 21085542356

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Medical devices and equipment, Pharma & Health, Printing (inc. 3D printing)

Advanced Capabilities: Advanced Composites/materials, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, Digital Design & Rapid Prototyping

Primary Location: VIC