K-TIG LImited

K-TIG has been operating in South Australia since 2010 and will in early October 2019 be listed on the ASX (ASX: KTG) after a merger with Serpentine Technologies Limited (ASX: S3R). K-TIG’s manufacturing and operations are conducted from its facility in Adelaide, South Australia. K-TIG is a transformative, industry disrupting welding technology company that seeks to change the economics of fabrication.
The K-TIG welding system is provided as a fully integrated welding cell comprised of the K-TIG 1000 controller, torch, power supply, water cooler, wire feeder and torch mount with compensating slide, travel speed feedback controller and all related software within the controller (K-TIG System). The software is loaded into the controller and routinely updated through an internet and cloud-based service so that customers receive automatic updates.
The K-TIG System is a high-speed, high-productivity welding technology that has been developed through seven years of research, technology development, product development and market validation by K-TIG and earlier technology originally developed by CSIRO. K-TIG’s technology has been field tested and has been exported to customers in 20 countries and is being utilised by some of the world’s largest fabricators. K-TIG’s
customers include GE, Siemens, Bilfinger, Doncasters, Defence Materials Technology Centre and the UK Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.
Based on customer data and testing undertaken with GE, Siemens and Titan (K-TIG Savings Assessments) the K-TIG System (when compared with conventional welding) is able to perform a conventional 6 hour tungsten inert gas (TIG) weld in less than 3 minutes, with reductions in welding time in excess of 90%. Overall cost savings (time, labour, wire, gas, preparation, grinding) based on the K-TIG Savings Assessments are routinely in the range of 80-95%.

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K-TIG LImited

ACN: 158307549

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Machinery & equipment, Metal fabrication and primary metal production

Advanced Capabilities: Robotics & Automation

Primary Location: South Australia

Website: www.k-tig.com