Kinaltek Pty Ltd

Kinaltek (Kinetic Alloy and Powder Technologies) is an innovation company specialising in novel technologies for direct production of metallic systems. We carry out our own in-house R&D work and we strive to turn our results into innovations leading to novel and improved processes and products.
Our proprietary technologies include a novel proprietary platform technology for production of metallic powders based on 27 different metals, including Si, Ni, Fe, Cu, Zn, V... The Kinaltek technology is an integrated one-step process for producing metallic alloy powders, catalysts, and metallic pigments, starting from low-cost chemicals and directly leading to high quality powders. The technology is designed as a sustainable low-cost and high-quality alternative for existing complex multi-step production routes. The technology has been designed with the key attributes of low energy requirement, zero waste, low production cost, and ability to produce novel and superior materials systems, providing significant advantages over existing techniques.
Kinaltek’s primary target applications are in:
• catalysts for the chemical sector (e.g. hydrogenation catalysts),
• silicon nanoparticles for use in Lithium ion batteries,
• metallic pigments for use in coating (e.g. paint and ink),
• superalloys for the aerospace and the energy sectors (e.g. jet engines and turbine blades), and
• high performance materials (e.g. high entropy alloys for structural and general applications, and refractory metal alloys for electronics and general manufacturing).

Member Profile

Kinaltek Pty Ltd

ABN: 85609861378

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Aerospace/Aviation, Chemicals, Metal fabrication and primary metal production

Primary Location: NSW