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PREDICT Australia is an Innovative SME working for industrial performance and energy efficiency. Our activities cover the entire project management process of predictive maintenance: study, design, development and implementation of our digital solutions.

After 4 years of successful European R&D Projects on real-time monitoring and remote maintenance, PREDICT was created in France in 1999 by 3 researchers coming from one of the most selective lab in automatic control in France, the Nancy Research Centre of Automatic Control. PREDICT has been awarded multiple times as French Innovative Technology Start-up. Early 2018, PREDICT has officially opened its doors in Australia under the name of PREDICT Australia.

The software CASIP® and KASEM® provide customers with a clear vision of their installation, an accurate understanding of the drifts origins and a help in the prediction of actions for a sustainable return to nominal operation. In particular, our solutions supply Asset Health Management (AHM), real-time software platform for Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), Predictive Diagnostic, Pronostic & Health Management (PHM), Fault-Tolerant Control (FTL) and Proactive Therapy.

Originally developed for remote diagnostic of Hydroelectric power stations, PREDICT's technologies widely apply to Manufacturing, Mining&Minerals, Navy, Aeronautics, Renewable Energy (Wind, Hydrogen, Tidal, Biomass, Sea current), Power Energy, Machine Tools, Industrial Vehicles, Oil Refinery, Steel & Metal Industry, Microelectronic, Pharmaceutical Industry, Pulp & Paper, Nuclear Fuel Industry (Chemical, Fuel Manufacturing, Fuel Recycling), etc.

Over a 100,000 equipment are now monitored by PREDICT's digital solutions 24/7. Our solutions lead to successful anticipations from 2 weeks up to 6 months, therefore contributing to the accomplishment of a lot of missions and operations. Today, PREDICT's technological advance is well known and effectively operates in many industries.

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PREDICT Australia

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