PT Blink

Technology to transform property development faster, safer, better and with less waste.
PT Blink is a technology company that enables the Blink DMI™ process of creating multi-storey structures faster, safer, better and with less waste than traditional construction. With the unique Blink DMI™ process, owners and developers deliver multi-storey buildings as a kit of configurable parts that are manufactured offsite and integrated very quickly and safely onsite by ecosystem partners.

Blink DMI™ minimises property project risks for owners and developers by bringing visibility, control, assurance and modern manufacturing precision to any property asset. ​ For Blink DMI™ partners, the method provides access to an ecosystem of projects and opportunities to deploy existing capital infrastructure.

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PT Blink

ACN: 619040505

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Sub-Industry: Construction and building products, including Furniture, Engineering/Computer System Design

Primary Location: NSW