SRXGlobal Pty Limited

SRX is able to provide a wide range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in diverse markets. These markets include medical, industrial, defence, communications and automotive.

In addition to electronic manufacturing, SRX offers a range of end-to-end related specialist services including system integration, mechanical assembly, test and prototyping, remedial maintenance and repairs, warehousing and distribution.

SRX works with like-minded companies who see the benefit in choosing to outsource their electronic manufacturing operations to improve profitability and flexibility. As your EMS provider, we can help to free your resources to focus on your core competency – developing, promoting and selling your products.

SRX can offer you:

Engineering design support / testing
Security of designs and components
Complete supply chain management
Scaled electronic manufacturing
Component fabrication through to turnkey assembly
Service and electronic repairs
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can partner with a single Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, such as SRX, to create innovative, custom-made electronic products for technology markets.

Member Profile

SRXGlobal Pty Limited

ABN: 64150964613

Business Type: Manufacturing Company

Advanced Capabilities: Robotics & Automation, Digital Design & Rapid Prototyping

Primary Location: Victoria