A message from Jens Goennemann

The first half of 2019 is firmly in the rear-view andwhen it comes to the projects, programs and events being facilitated by AMGC—the coming six months will be just as fast paced.      

With over 750 members already, our community of like-minded manufacturers is growing rapidly. By the end of 2019, we anticipate that the AMGC’s membership base will exceed the four-digit mark, as more Australian manufacturers search for ways in which to drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness.

Over the last six months, we have collaborated with many of our members on projects designed to commercialise their innovation. We use these projects among our manufacturing constituents to exemplify our in-depth research and illuminate best practice strategies that accelerate manufacturing in Australia, paving the way for other companies and research institutions to model these practices.

In fact, AMGC has doubled its project capacity over the last twelve months—we are currently facilitating or developing more than 40 projects across the nation with multiple companies involved. Over $27.1 million has been committed to these projects (by AMGC and industry, in cash and in-kind), representing a 48% increase in funding compared to this time last year. As a result, we are set to deliver over 1215 new jobs and up to $290 million in estimated revenue. Our recently released AMGC Projects Report provides an update on many projects supported by AMGC.

As we cannot collaborate on projects with each and every one of our 750 plus members to demonstrate what good looks like, we launched the Manufacturing Academy in May. This free-to-use online platform enables us to share our insights with the entire Australian manufacturing industry. The Manufacturing Academy offers industry insights from over 500 pages of in-depth research conducted by AMGC, interviews with more than 20 Australian manufacturers, and over 50 hours of video content—all distilled into five inspirational, informative modules. I invite you to log on and learn today: https://www.manufacturingacademy.org.au/

We have held a range of free-to-attend networking events, in every corner of the country, designed to foster connection, collaboration and ideation throughout the Australian manufacturing industry. Exploring topics as diverse as The Path to a Circular Economy and Cyber Security—Protect Your Business, through to a series of workshops focused on the Path to Advanced Manufacturing, our 2019 events have been informative, engaging and useful for all in attendance. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to come along to one of our upcoming events.   

As we embark upon the second half of 2019, AMGC will continue to help Australian manufacturers become competitive, resilient, and therefore better able to compete within the global marketplace to generate long-term success, and better jobs for Australians.