A message from Jens Goennemann

The Australian manufacturing industry clearly has a thirst for collaboration, knowledge, and transformation. It is through one of our recent events that Rod Murphy (Managing Director, R&R Murphy) and Phil Macfarlane (Managing Director, Rose Valley Steel Works) met. Featured in this month’s Better Together column, Rod and Phil are now working together, sharing ideas and information for mutual success.

Manufacturers want to learn, talk, and connect with one another. I know this because many of our events have attracted hundreds of manufacturers; it has been standing room only on numerous occasions.

AMGC is reaching out to manufacturers all over Australia—not just in capital cities, but across rural and regional areas. With more than 30 events held in 2019 already, we have another 30 events scheduled between now and the end of the year. Focussed on emerging trends in business, government funding and support programs, and our latest research, AMGC’s events offer real insights and inspiration, and foster connectivity. Our events enable us to ascertain, directly from industry, where the greatest challenges lie, what their needs are and how to address them.

AMGC’s approach is having far-reaching impact. This approach is driven by respected research that demonstrates how companies can take concrete steps to mitigate market volatility and become an advanced manufacturer. Based on this research, our projects then demonstrate and evidence best practices that are accelerating manufacturing in Australia, paving the way for other companies and research institutions to model these practices.

All our research and project learnings are available via our Manufacturing Academy, which offers industry the value of over 500 pages of in-depth research, interviews with more than 20 Australian manufacturers, and over 50 hours of video content, distilled into five inspirational, informative modules (and please disregard the strong accent of the opening act…).

This free-to-use online platform enables us to share our insights with the entire Australian manufacturing industry. You can discover how to compete on factors such as quality, innovative and service—not cost. Learn how others have found success, why their process works, and how to begin incorporating processes that work within your own business.

There are so many ways to engage, share, and network—to get involved. Building industry collaboration and continuing the conversation is having a wide-reaching, positive impact on Australia’s entire manufacturing industry. It is helping ensure Australian manufacturers scale, are competitive, resilient, and better able to compete globally.


If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to attend an AMGC event, and to log in and have a look the Manufacturing Academy.

For further information on AMGC’s next event near you, visit our website: https://www.amgc.org.au/events/

To log in and learn today, visit the Manufacturing Academy: https://www.manufacturingacademy.org.au/