A message from Jens Goennemann

AMGC hosted a roundtable discussion last week on COVID-19 response measures – via video conference as we all seem to do surprisingly well these days. We wanted to hear from a diverse range of manufacturers at the coalface about the current business climate, the challenges being faced, the needs and the opportunities for the industry in this unprecedented time.

Based on the feedback received during the roundtable discussion it is clear that, in the event that the Government moves toward more severe lockdown scenarios to slow the spread of COVID-19, manufacturing must be nominated as an ‘essential’ industry:

  • Manufacturing directly and indirectly employs over 10% of the Australian population
  • Manufacturing industry output amounts to over $110 billion annually
  • This output is equivalent to ~6% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

As such, Australian manufacturers need the federal, state and territory governments to:

  1. Ensure priority access to supply chains is granted to the manufacturing industry
  2. Deliver a nationally consistent approach and coordinated response
  3. Provide greater support and resources for business continuity

COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register

To ensure a consistent approach and coordinated national response, AMGC launched the COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register.

We launched the register because an overwhelming number of Australian manufacturers were stepping up, volunteering to help. By collecting and collating data around the skills and capabilities of Australian manufacturers, we are now able to match the overwhelming supply of help with critical demand.

In less than a week, we have had over 1,300 manufacturers register how they can help support Australian efforts to treat, contain and mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Registrations range from businesses able to manufacture medical equipment, PPE and chemicals, through to materials suppliers and companies with design, engineering and certification expertise.

We have already responded to many requests from the Department of Health and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, matching scarce resources in the supply chain with critical demand.

I would like to thank the Australian manufacturing industry for its astounding response. This is truly a moment of collaboration and innovation in the face of a national crisis.

For further information or to submit your expression of interest, visit the COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register.

The World After COVID-19

Experts and commentators alike maintain that the world will be different after the COVID-19 pandemic passes; this statement rings true for the Australian manufacturing industry, and the world for us will not only different but hopefully better.

Australia is witnessing how rapidly the manufacturing industry has mobilised to help fulfil critical needs and is quickly realising how vital it is to protect our sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

A country needs to be able to make complex things. This crisis demonstrates exactly that. Let’s get on with the job.

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