Get on board to transform the Territory: Opportunities for a thriving manufacturing industry

Momentum is building in the Territory.

Over the past twelve months, more than $8.1 million in co-investments have been signed with local manufacturers in collaboration with researchers and interstate businesses. These projects push technology into commercialisation reality, and the benefits are already visible with new orders from new customers.

As outlined in the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission report, manufacturing in the Territory accounts for 4.1 per cent of the economy. With strong solar resources, world class critical mineral deposits, significant agribusinesses, and world scale gas resources, the opportunities for manufacturing in the Territory are endless.

Moving beyond raw resources to new value-adding endeavours is a step-change opportunity for the Northern Territory (NT). These developments will modernise its industry through increasing workforce skills and attracting new businesses and workers. The outcome is expected to deliver greater value to the Territory economy, overall.

AMGC is helping transform the Territory from a lucky economy into a smart one underpinned by a thriving manufacturing industry. Launched just 12 months ago, AMGC’s $7.5 million Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund (AME Fund) has already helped expand the Territory’s manufacturing ecosystem.

The AME Fund has provided funding for a new electronics testing facility, robotics and training support,  advanced CNC and robotic laser fabrication skills, and the cyclonic testing and certification of a locally designed insulated panel product. These projects are adding to the enduring manufacturing capability of the Territory, which is precisely what the fund was designed to do.

In addition, AMGC’s Northern Territory Director, Charmaine Phillips, is helping NT manufacturers add even more value to their products and services so that they can compete on the world stage. Over the last few months, Charmaine has hosted several highly successful industry events, designed to foster collaboration throughout the industry.

AMGC’s Meet the territory Event

AMGC recently hosted a two-day ‘Meet the Territory’ event, which was attended by over 30 interstate and local manufacturers, key representatives from the Northern Territory Government and broader industry.

According to Charmaine, “The event was focused on bringing manufacturers from across Australia together, to spread the word about the opportunities and capabilities available in the Territory. We wanted to enable local and Australian manufacturers to meet and build networks that could potentially lead to successful collaborations.”

“AMGC’s $7.5 million AME Fund seeks to build the advanced manufacturing ecosystem in the Northern Territory by fostering industry collaboration. The Fund is open to all manufacturing companies across Australia, with at least one project collaborator residing in the Territory and the main project activity being undertaken in the Territory. This event was designed to help facilitate introductions.”

“We had about 30 businesses attend the two day event. The first day was brilliant. We had 18 speakers from a range of different industries and support programs that facilitate doing business in the Territory. Day two was a full day bus tour that included site visits, universities, and other key facilities—it put what was spoken about in day one into perspective,” said Charmaine.

October Business Month

Delivered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, October Business Month is the Territory’s premier business event. The month-long program featured over 120 inspirational and educational events designed to encourage networking, and support, inspire and grow Territory business.

Charmaine hosted one of the October Business Month events: Growing Manufacturing in the Territory. “AMGC’s Growing Manufacturing in the Northern Territory event provided an overview of the work we are doing to support the growth of the manufacturing ecosystem. It focused on the steps that manufacturers need to take to transform their business and become more globally competitive, from adopting technology, collaborating with other manufacturers and research institutions, through to implementing a digital transformation plan.”

Jens Goennemann (Managing Director, AMGC) participated in a panel discussion at the TQ Long Lunch. “Jens spoke about the perceptions of manufacturing, and the mismatch between the positive and inspiring reality of the industry and the often negative view held by the public. He focused on how Australia can further grow its manufacturing capabilities, particularly given the opportunities across the Territory,” said Charmaine.

About the Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund

AMGC’s $7.5 million AME Fund delivers on the recommendations from the Territory Economic Reconstruction Report. The Fund aims to grow advanced manufacturing capabilities and increase investment in and output of advanced manufacturing activity in the Territory and grow the number of advanced manufacturing jobs in the Territory.

Funding ranges from $25,000 up to $500,000 (or more based on scale and impact) and must be matched by industry. Projects should include collaboration with a research partner and a minimum of one industry partner.

The AME fund services two funding streams:

  1. Early stage, fast fail, grants to support small scale and pilot research projects in advanced manufacturing
  2. Commercialising new products and processes, including transitioning a new product or process from prototype stage to full commercial operations

Further information regarding the Fund, the application process, and grant guidelines are available via the AMGC website, including: