Update on COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register

There continues to be an overwhelming desire from our manufacturing industry to get stuck in and offer help. Since our last communiqué, the number of firms that have registered has increased to over 1,700.

Thank you all for coming forward with your ideas to help. This will assist in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic today, and it will make a lasting positive change in Australia’s manufacturing landscape. The team at AMGC is committed to make it stick.

As mentioned in our last piece, we are working in the background with this Register to help match demand with supply. For example, a southern-NSW candle manufacturer is now linked to a metro-NSW distillery and both are working with a QLD-based bottle manufacturer. These three seemingly disparate manufacturers are collaborating on hand sanitizers. A similar example exists for hospital beds and mattresses with many manufacturers triaging on a nation-wide solution.

This brings forward an opportunity to update on ventilators and ventilator consumables as we have received several enquiries on how to offer support for this intensive care medical device.

I am pleased to share the latest from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) on Ventilator for COVID-19 use in Australia. This link outlines specifications of its minimum acceptable performance and desired features. I urge those who are working in this area, or able to contribute, to please consult these standards for guidance.

We will continue to provide frequent updates on the Register’s activities and thank everyone for their ongoing support.


For those who would like to learn more about the portal or to register, please click here