Australian manufacturers harness opportunities in the US market

More Australian manufacturers are harnessing the myriad opportunities available in global export markets, particularly the United States.

With AMGC dedicated to transforming Australian manufacturing to be more globally competitive, it supports outstanding projects that commercialise innovation. Many recent projects have seen Australian manufacturers—including Rotacaster, Omni Tanker and iOrthotics—making significant headways into the US market.

Omni Tanker ships first US-approved tanker

Omni Tanker recently shipped its first US-approved tanker, marking a significant milestone since the company was established in 2006.

Omni Tanker identified the need for road-tankers with improved chemical resistance in the United States. Following two years of intensive research and development, Omni Tanker emerged with a now-patented composite materials technology capable of revolutionising tanks for the transport of high purity and corrosive chemicals.

With funding of $250,000 from AMGC and the help of several project partners, Omni Tanker has designed and produced a prototype road-tanker. This required re-designing their product to satisfy US regulations and establishing US supply chain partners for final assembly. It is this prototype that has been shipped to US for field-trials to validate and commercialise the technology in the US.

Omni Tanker’s vessels offer significant advantages over traditional tankers, including an extended life, significantly reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and a light weight that reduces fuel costs. Once successful field-trials are complete, and with these advantages on offer, Omni Tanker will be able to begin production for the US market.

Rotacaster showcases technology at largest US supply chain exhibition

Newcastle-based manufacturer, Rotacaster, is set to showcase their technology at Modex—the largest supply chain exhibition in the United States—in March. With interest in their unique products from global manufacturing giants, it is estimated that Rotacaster has the potential to take an $85 to $170 million share of the global market.

Established in 2005, Rotacaster has developed a range of products that rely upon on a patented omni-directional wheel design. The wheels are injection moulded from engineering plastics, eradicating pins and rollers that can disconnect and require maintenance.

In conjunction with their project partners (including AMGC, which invested over $200,000), Rotacaster will utilise their omni-directional wheels to design, develop and install a ‘smart factory’ conveyor table and digital control system for Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada.

Rotacaster’s solution will be modularised to accommodate the use of ‘plug and play’ components with Internet of Things (IoT) functionality. Plus, their digital control system integrates with existing production systems and responds to live factory data for tracking and recording product movement.

iOrthotics creates new US market for custom-made orthotic devices

iOrthotics has developed into Australia’s premier manufacturer of custom-made orthotic devices for podiatrists. Recently, iOrthotics’ success has seen the company expand into the US, creating a new market for Australian manufactured goods.

Established in 2009 in Mackay, Queensland, iOrthotics’ previously used FDM printing technology. This technology did not allow for economies of scale for delivery into large markets, such as the US. With investment from AMGC and help from other project partners, iOrthotics invested in new technology: fusion jet printing.

iOrthotics and its collaborative partners are completely digitising the supply chain, from order to production, enabling the company to make the best use of its new investment and serve both its growing local clinic base and the US market. When complete, new processes will allow for 120 pairs of inserts to be created per day.

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